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Apakah maksud metafora ?

Maksud perkataan metafora adalah / The meaning of metafora is

metaphor , figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable

Perkataan berkaitan: / Related Words

  1. golongan golongan kata= parts of speech , word class...
  2. kata spoken word; word; to say , remark ,...
  3. antipeluh antiperspirant , substance applied to prevent or reduce...
  4. frasa phrase...
  5. perkataan spoken word; word...
  6. memfrasakan express in words , divide into phrases ,...
  7. angka figure , numeral , number...
  8. lembaga 2) apparition; figure; indistinct form....

How to pronounce metafora in Malay (Male Audio)

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