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Telling the time

Telling the time We measure time in seconds, minutes and hours. Kita mengukur masa dalam saat, minit dan jam.   There are 24 hours in a day. Terdapat 24 jam dalam sehari.   There are 60 minutes in an hour.

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Phone call

Taking phone calls is a very common task. You will be in a situation where you have to call someone, leave a message or return call. We will learn some basic details about making and receiving phone calls. Receiving phone

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Talking to a stranger

Today we will learn how to talk to a stranger. Malaysian people are friendly. There are many opportunities to talk to a Malaysian. If you are waiting for a taxi, or if you are waiting in line, or in the

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Malaysia Popular Landmark

Here is the list of popular Malaysian landmark. Langkawi Malaysia Sipadan Island. Perhentian Island Jalan Bukit Bintang Sultan Abdul Samad Building Mount Kinabalu, Sabah Cameron Highland

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Today we will learn about occupations in Malaysia. Malaysia economy is among the most successful in Asia. Many people come to Malaysia not only for work but also enjoy life in this wonderful country. Malaysia is a multi-cultural working environment. There

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What day is it today?

Today, we will learn about the days of the weeks. There are plenty of holidays in Malaysia. A Malay term for public holiday is cuti am, or cuti umum.  The opposite of this is hari kerja (working days). You might hear

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Malaysian Fruits

Today we will learn something different. We will learn about Malaysian fruits. Malaysia is a tropical country with total land area of 329,000 square kilometres. The south China sea divided Malaysia into two regions, penisular Malaysian and Malaysian Borneo. The capital

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Car Availability

When you travel, it is very common to rent a car. You will either call or make a reservation by walking up to the counter. At the counter.  Where can I rent a car?Di manakah boleh saya sewa kereta? Hi,

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Grocery Store

Today we will learn about conversation in the grocery store. In the grocery store, you don’t have to say anything except when you need to find something. Here is several sentecens that you can use to find items.   Q1:

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Communicating at the Airport

Today, we will learn about communicating at the Airport. We will learn about confirming your flight. Comfirming your flight. If you are taking plane for travel,  you might need in advance confirm your departure date. Here is some of sentences

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