Car Availability


When you travel, it is very common to rent a car. You will either call or make a reservation by walking up to the counter.

At the counter. 

Where can I rent a car?
Di manakah boleh saya sewa kereta?

Hi, I would like to rent a car.
Hi, saya mahu sewa kereta.

Do you have any cars available?
Masih ada kereta sewa lagi?

In this scenario, if ther didn’t so, they migh answer No (tidak). If that is the scenario go to the next counter, most airport have multiple car rental booths. If you are going during peak vacation period, it might be a good idea to call and make reservation. 

If the have car available, they will ask about type of car.

What size of car would you like?
Apakah saiz kereta yang awak mahukan?

What size do you have?
Saiz apa yang kamu ada?

We have compact ,sedan, luxury, SUV and a van.
Kami ada jenis kompak, sedan, mewah, SUV dan van.

How much is the compact car?
Berapa harga kereta kompak?

I will take a compact car.
Saya mahu kereta kompak.


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