Communicating at the Airport


Today, we will learn about communicating at the Airport. We will learn about confirming your flight.

Comfirming your flight.

If you are taking plane for travel,  you might need in advance confirm your departure date. Here is some of sentences that you will be asked and will need to say.

You: I would like to confirm my flight.
Anda: Saya hendak sahkan penerbangan saya.

Them: Can I get your ticket number, please?
Mereka: Bolehkah saya dapatkan nombor tiket anda?

You: The number is 53-23-32 
Anda: Nombornya adalah 53-23-32

Them: You are sceduled to depart on 3 July at 4.00 pm. Is this correct?
Mereka: Anda dijadualkan berlepas pada 3 Julai pada 4 petang. Adakah ini betul?

You: Yes, it is correct.
Anda: Ya, ianya adalah betul.



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