Grocery Store


Today we will learn about conversation in the grocery store. In the grocery store, you don’t have to say anything except when you need to find something. Here is several sentecens that you can use to find items.


Q1: Where is the toothpaste?
Q1: Di manakah ubat gigi?

Q2: Do you sell ice cream here?
Q2: Anda ada jual ais krim di sini?

Q3: Where can I find fresh seafood?
Q3: Di manakah boleh saya jumpa makanan laut segar? 

Q4: Do you sell T-shirt?
Q4: Adakah anda menjual kemeja-T?

Q5: Can you point me to the medicine area?
Q5: Bolehkah anda tunjukan kawasan ubat?

Q6: Where is the beverage section?
Q6: Di manakah bahagian minuman?

Q7: Where is the coffee section?
Q7: Di manakah bahagian kopi?

Q8: Where is the dairy product section? 
Q8: Di manakah bahagian tenusu?

Q9: Where can I find the batteries?
Q9: Di manakah boleh saya cari bateri? 

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