Making a Reservation



It is not common to go to hotel in Malaysia without reservation so today, we will only cover the reservation aspect. Along with reserving room.

Making a reservation

When you make a reservation, call them and tell them that you want to reserve a room or you can start by asking for a price.

You: Hi, how much are the rooms?
Anda: Hi, berapa harga satu bilik?

Receptionist: Our rooms start at RM 80 for a basic room.
Pelayan: Bilik kami bermula RM 80 untuk satu bilik.

You: Ok, can I reserve a room?
Anda: Ok, bolehkah saya menempah bilik?

Receptionist: What day you want to check in?
Pelayan: Hari apa anda hendak daftar masuk?

You: I would like a room from the 20th of July.
Anda: Saya hendak bilik pada 20 Julai.

Receptionist: How long will you stay with us?
Pelayan: Berapa lama anda akan tinggal bersama kami?

You: I am going to stay for 2 days.
Anda: Saya akan tinggal selama 2 hari.

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