Malaysian Greeting

Bahasa Malaysia is a beautiful language. It is the lingua franca in Malay  archipelago. It is the most used language in Malaysia, Singapura, Brunei and Indonesia. Malay language is quite similar with Indonesian language because it come from the same root. Let’s start learning Bahasa Malaysia in the most basic greeting.

Level: Beginner

Goal:  Understand about greeting in Bahasa Malaysia.

Taught in: Bahasa Malaysia


Good Morning = Selamat Pagi

Good Evening = Selamat Petang

Good Night = Selamat Malam

Good Afternoon = Selamat Tengah-hari.



Good = Selamat

Morning = Pagi

Evening = Petang

 Night = Malam

Afternoon = Tengah-hari


In the morning, it is very common to  greet people with the “Selamat Pagi”.  In the afternoon, we greet people with “Good Afternoon”. 

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