Today we will learn about occupations in Malaysia. Malaysia economy is among the most successful in Asia. Many people come to Malaysia not only for work but also enjoy life in this wonderful country. Malaysia is a multi-cultural working environment. There is thousand of jobs and career opportunies in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Penang.  Let’s learn some basic words for jobs.


Tukang masak= cooker
Tukar kebun = gardener
Pemandu teksi = taxi driver
Guru = teacher
Askar = soldier
Polis = police
Jururawat = nurse
Tukang rambut = barber
Penulis = writer
Wartawan = journalist
Juruterbang= pilot
Peniaga = businessman

pengarang = editor
pengarah = director
pelayan = waitress
pemberita = reporter
penyambut = receptionist
penari = dancer
pelukis = painter (artist)
pencuci = cleaner
pelakon = actor

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